Naughty Is As Naughty Does


Over the years folks have asked me why I’ve chosen the name ‘The Naughty Gypsy’ for my business name. Specifically, why the word naughty? Generally there are two reactions to the name… instant intrigue or instant disgust, each with their own extremes.

It’s the extreme reactions I find the most baffling. Reacting to a name without first learning about the reasons behind the name is no different than judging a book by its cover or a person by their skin tone. I know it’s done, but I don’t understand why. And you may think all the negative reactions are from those who are immediately disgusted or offended. I admit those are the most frequent, those who automatically step onto their high horses of moral value, pointing fingers and shaking bibles. They couldn’t possibly be seen to be curious about a business with the word ‘naughty’ in the title! It’s positively indecent! However there are those who are intrigued who also get the wrong idea. Those who send me suggestive emails and leave voicemails in the wee hours of the night asking me to call them back quickly, while their girlfriend is out.

I’ve held off on explaining the use of the word for a few years and, let’s face it, those who jump to conclusions wouldn’t stop to read the explanation anyway. So why bother? I certainly don’t feel the need to justify my word usage. Instead, I think it could be fun to hear why people enjoy the name I’ve chosen. I’ll tell you why I’m naughty if you tell me why you are! 😉

To me, being naughty doesn’t mean you enjoy non-vanilla sex (not necessarily anyway), nor does it mean you’re a bad person or that you care only about yourself. It means going against the flow of society, following your own path. It means choosing to live the life you want to live.

Often, those of us who stand outside society’s norms are seen as being naughty. We’re bad because we think as we choose instead of following what we’re told. For being different is akin to saying we’re not like you, and therefore we must be bad. If we don’t think, dress and act like everyone else, well, something must be wrong with us. Right? We must be the enemy.

How is that a bad thing? To be an eagle, rather than a sheep?

It confounds and confuses me when I meet folks who are stuck in their ways and thinking. Everyone knows at least one person like that. The co-worker who has always wanted to start their own business but is now approaching retirement age and thinks it too late. Or the friend who constantly complains about how horrible their life is, when really it’s not that bad. Instead, it’s their point of view and lack of self motivation that holds them back. Or others who hide behind an illness or injury, or maybe something that happened in the past.

These people let these things hold them back because that’s media’s lesson to us. Our life isn’t exciting unless it’s filled with drama so go out and be dramatic (and I don’t mean the kind that includes jazz hands).  They are stuck because that’s how our lives are ‘supposed’ to be, filled of the wrong kind of drama and not nearly enough self steering.

And so I am naughty because I try my best not to listen to what I’m told. Instead I make up my own mind, even if the result doesn’t fit in with the views of others.

I like things that are not considered popular to the majority.
I don’t follow the latest crave, fad or styles, unless I like them myself.
I make clothing and toys for people who like to play because I also like to play.
I think more adults need to have play time.
I strive to be my own person.
I’m in control of how I think and act (mostly anyway – this one is a work in progress).
I use that control to set and reach my goals, in the pursuit of becoming the person I want to be.
I sing when I feel like it, dance in the rain and blow kisses to the moon, regardless of who is listening or watching.

For these reasons society tells me I’m naughty. I think ‘naughty’ is the term others call me in condemnation for my free thinking.

I’m ok with that.


One Response to “Naughty Is As Naughty Does”

  1. 1 Sherry

    I looked up “naughty” on and here’s what it says…

    1. disobedient; mischievous (used esp. in speaking to or about children): Weren’t we naughty not to eat our spinach?
    2. improper, tasteless, indecorous, or indecent: a naughty word.
    3. Obsolete. wicked; evil.

    Maybe you should post this on your website somewhere in the fine print, just for fun! 😉

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