Disappointed In London

Women's Group Meet & Greet - London 2009

Women's Group Meet & Greet - London 2009



Last Saturday I was let down. The London NG meet and greet was held and I’m sad to report it did not go over so well, with only one potential new member showing up.

Now before I step too high onto my soap box, this is not directed at those who say they ‘might stop by’ or ‘may be able to come’. This rant is pointed squarely at those who said they’d come, didn’t, and didn’t provide a courtesy call either.

Back to the rant…

What I don’t understand, and what makes me mad, is when people say they will show up then don’t. I understand things come up. That’s just the nature of life. What I don’t understand is when they don’t even call to say they can’t make it. And the Monday morning excuses fell far short of dire emergencies.

I’ve been working so hard lately to re-energize the business. Everything is new, fresh, and more professional. I’m proud to say that I’m finally proud of the work I’m doing. I work hard at it, often putting in as much 10-15 hours on top of the 40hrs work week I do for my day job. I do all of this because it is my choice. I love doing it and I want to continue doing it. I work this hard because someday I want to do this full time.

And all the work and effort is paying off. I’m happy to report that I’ve had many people commenting on how great everything is, offering support, joining the FB groups, etc. I’m deeply thankful to each person who has done that.

What upsets me are those who say how they will commit to do something, or participate somehow, and never do. The excuses are so old they’ve grayed. If you don’t want to participate say so. I would have much more respect if you said to me, “Hey Laura, I think what you’re doing is cool. Good for you. It’s really not my thing though, so I’m going to sit this out.” I would understand that, and in the process, have a lot more admiration and respect for you. It shows respect for everyone’s time and energy while being open and honest.

So why it is so few people say that? Are we so afraid to hurt someone’s feelings that we feel we can’t be honest with each other? And, although I’m pointing fingers elsewhere, I’m well aware of the times I’ve been guilty of these things. Why is that? Why is it so difficult to have an opinion, and then also feel comfortable expressing it? Are we so afraid of being judged? Or is it just not wanting to let other people down?

I guess ‘being comfortable in your own skin’ is no easier now than it was when I was back in grade school. And just like in grade school, I spent Sunday sulking. Honestly I did. Sunday morning I ate strawberry shortcake for breakfast. It was fabulously yummy – until the sugar headache kicked in. I stayed in my Eyeore nightshirt almost all day and watched zombie movies until the fake blood started to remind me of icee syrup and made me crave more sugar.

Then I pulled myself up by my socks and got back to living, and working.

Now I’m over it. Time to move forward. At least onto the next rant….. The day job! For fear of reprisal I’m not able to rant about that. Too many issues. I will say this week has been almost unbearable. With coverage and scheduling issues, and lack of support over the whole thing, it’s been tough to face each day. I think it’s sad when many staff walk around with Mp3 players on so they don’t have to deal with each other or listen to the incessant whispering that leaks through cubby walls. It’s not a healthy work environment, which is why my eye is infected. I’ve been keeping my head down, nose to the grindstone, trying to avoid the whispering. As a result I’ve been staring far too much at computer screens. On the one hand my caseload is bearable right now, on the other, my eyes have suffered, first becoming strained and now infected.

It’s rainy here today and really starting to feel like fall. I’m hoping the rain will wash away much of the negativity that’s plagued me all week so I can get back to my positive self. I don’t like when I feel so bogged down. I do love the fall though. The crispness of the air, the leaves turning, the blustery weather, the changing of the seasons. As they change, the eyes will heal, work will go on, and things will get better. They always do. The wheel always turns.

Thanks for listening.


2 Responses to “Disappointed In London”

  1. Hi Laura . I was just catching up on your blogs .( I have Meniere’s disease which has reared it’s ugly head once again so I have not been able to type much and after attacks feel exhausted.) I know it’s a bit late to reply to the above but felt I could ( nearly put should .lol ) give you some feedback . You got class you sassy ass. Keep up the good work , because if it’ as good as it looks , then you are doing fine . One member turning up is better than none but it is a lesson in how people let you down badly . Don’t give up matey , I have a feeling you will go far with your attitude , it is a tough world when we try to sell stuff . Many people do not realise how long it takes to sew garments that are individually designed and their is tough competition , especially on the internet .
    Walking around work with Mp3 players on !!! If I were the boss that would not be allowed . To be honest that to my mind says it all about our techno twats in society . I know as a ‘ mature citizen in the UK ‘ , I see this all the time and to be honest , if you have to walk around with Mp3 players plugged in your ears then I just hope that whatever they are listening too is of some quality . Being quite deaf in one ear , it freaks me out that in another 20 yrs we will have more hard of hearing people in this world walking about . I think we are becoming emotionally detached from one another . I have dreams about the evolutionary problems that will produce babies born with bad eyesight , bad hearing ,flat and square arses , walking problems and just unhealthy in general newborns . It might seem far fetched but when you look back at history and evolution , we have changed and not always for the good . This last centuary we have raced along with new technology , so if we get faster in one way , we must get slower in another , usually the brain and therefore the psyche is the first to be attacked . I read the posts on Facebook , posted by folk much younger than I and feel we have turned away from each other towards the pc and other technology that takes our time up and does not promote social interaction on a face-face basis . . I made a comment the other day about how many single people there are that have been single for a long time and they replied to me by private messages . Laura I wept afterwards because these people I know and socialize with and many are lovely people but they are scared to commit and have already been badly hurt in the past . I have always told my daughter that Failure is not in the falling down it is the failing to get up again and carry on regardless .Life is hard for most of us and even harder in 3rd world countries but it freaks me out that we have become more secluded in many ways and frightened to take chances with others that could enhance our lives , not just potential lovers but on a friendship basis . I think we have become more shallow and it’s back to ‘image’ again . I think we have discussed this problem previously .lol
    Anyway Laura , keep smiling and sewing . lol xxxJude.

    • Jude,
      Thanks for the comment. You and I need to stop sharing a brain! LOL. Actually it’s fun sharing brains with people, as it means we’re on the same page.
      Thanks for the support and encourgement. We’ll have a bit of overlap with an email, but I wanted to post here too that I agree… people are moving away from eachother. Or at least, they have been. I’m hopeful that social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc.) will help bring people back together again. By posting and reading personal blogs we can re-connect with others. Here’s hoping the pendulum swings back.
      I love the line you wrote “Failure is not in the falling down it is the failing to get up again and carry on regardless”. I think that is so true. Making mistakes, going through difficult times etc. are all part of life and therefore part of our journey and learning experience. It truly is how we react to those instances that make us successful.
      And don’t you worry about taking time off, just you take care of yourself! Keep smiling. Keep being your beautiful self!
      hugs, Laura

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