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Even at the end of a very productive day I sometimes feel them lurking in the closet… or worse… under the bed… their teeth dripping with venomous saliva, their claws scrapping down my spine. Up come the covers, right over my head, until they find a juicier treat.


“How might your life have been different if there had been a place for you to go when your life was difficult and you felt utterly alone… a place of safety and comfort? If a woman whom you trusted had been there to receive you… had listened silently, as you spoke your discouragement? And then […]

I find it really interesting – and telling – to note that more people read my rant last week than my positive note this week. Food for thought? Or not surprising at all?

  New Business Cards Recently I’ve spent a lot of time re-focusing on my business. When I started this business three years ago it was done without a plan and without much of a clear direction. I threw myself in, registering the name and website, and started pulling things together as time permitted. I knew […]