Professionalism and Purdy Business Cards



Business Cards
New Business Cards

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time re-focusing on my business. When I started this business three years ago it was done without a plan and without much of a clear direction. I threw myself in, registering the name and website, and started pulling things together as time permitted.

I knew at the time it was haphazard and probably not very responsible. But it was my desire to get started on something – anything – that would get me moving in the direction I wanted my life to head. So I went for it. Call it motivation by fire.

This past year the fire burned down to a smolder. It was my choice. I needed a break and some time to allow my body to heal after a series of injuries. Yet the fire wasn’t quick to re-light. I found myself loosing more embers as time went on, becoming more dispassionate about the business and life in general.

I hit a wall.

I was being dragged down by my day job. The politics, the re-structuring, the workload – it was all piling on top of me and I didn’t have the energy to cope, let alone the energy to come home and work on my own dreams.

One day I realized that the only way to make things better, was to actively MAKE things better. And so The Plan was born. The Plan is what I should have done when I first started the business. It is the plan where I decide what I want to do and outline all the steps I need to take to get there. I have spent numerous hours over the past few months working on The Plan. Through it I’ve been re-energized – not only has the spark been re-lit, now it blazes.

With the development of The Plan, I’ve also had the energy and inspiration to re-do the website and logos, start this blog, open the online store and so much more. I was never thrilled with my old website, business cards or logo. And despite having the website address on my car I never felt comfortable talking to people about it or handing out business cards because I was never quite happy with what I had done. As much as I wanted people to check out my site, I also really didn’t want them to check out my site. It was the best I could do at the time but I’ve never felt like it was good enough or professional looking. So although I’d started this business I was left feeling less than thrilled about it.

Mini Business Cards
Mini Business Cards

Now all that has changed. I AM proud of the work I’ve done and happy to share my new cards. I drive around with a new mentality, even the car seems proud to show off the website address, it’s got more pepp! (or maybe that’s just me) Everything has a shinier, more polished, and yes, more professional feel to it. I finally feel like I have an adult business – in more ways than one. 😉

I feel like I’ve turned a corner and the energy of this is propelling me forward. I’ve done a lot of work to get to this point but there’s always more to do, with more ways to grow, both in the business and personally. It’s a stepping stone in a long path, though finally, I’m walking my own.

With the new look and confidence also comes new opportunities. It amazes me how many folks are coming out of the woodwork and responding to my hard work. The contacts and networking going on right now is fun and exciting! It’s also all new and strange. No matter what, it’s all part of the experience and I’m enjoying every moment of it.

Who knew so much spark could be packed into purdy new business cards.


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