The Naughty Gypsy Women’s Group


“How might your life have been different if there had been a place for you to go when your life was difficult and you felt utterly alone… a place of safety and comfort? If a woman whom you trusted had been there to receive you… had listened silently, as you spoke your discouragement? And then she had covered you warmly as you curled up for a rest? And, if she had gone out and returned with an armload of wood… then quietly built up the fire and sat down nearby to tend it… How might your life have been different?”
Excerpt taken from I sit Listening to the Wind by Judith Duerk

I have always wanted a place like that described in the excerpt above. I have a vision of women coming together in a community to help heal each other. A place where we can be there for each other without judgment. A place where we can reach out to our mothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters and nieces and show them that there is strength in the arms of women. That there is strength in ourselves.

Not every woman is aware of the power she holds within herself. Not everyone knows just how strong their spirit is. We always hear the negative, the put-downs. Where is the nourishment for our souls?

I have looked for it and found it in the form of friends. Friendships create places where we can claim that which is within each of us, our womanhood. A place that helps us learn to stand strong with each other and within ourselves.

“If I am so perpetually terrified of being called a bad girl, So eternally blown about by the winds of my inner judges, That I cling to any authority that grants me marginal approval, Then I risk that I might never, ever turn towards that within me, That guides and orders my existence, that lets the truth of my life emerge. O! Grant me courage to become myself!”
Excerpt taken from I sit Listening to the Wind by Judith Duerk

I’m tired of looking for answers from other groups or people I don’t know. I’m tired of looking for that group, that place that my heart longs for. I say it’s time to create that place.

Do you have the courage to become yourself?

I believe you do.

Will you stand with me?

Mission Statement
The Naughty Gypsy Women’s Group is a group of women of all ages & backgrounds who are dedicated to the support and encouragement of women by women. By coming together through regular meetings we create a safe & encouraging place for women to discuss their life’s path.  We help each other – and ourselves – realize our inherent value as women while promoting self esteem & self worth, in order to build the confidence to find & follow our path in life.

* The Naughty Gypsy Women’s Group is available in real time and online formats. If you live in the London, Ontario, Canada area and are interested in joining or starting your own, please contact me to discuss. For those outside of London, the online group is available through Facebook here


2 Responses to “The Naughty Gypsy Women’s Group”

  1. 1 D. L. Yonge-Mallo

    You know who really need a place like this? Men. (I mean, of course, with the appropriate female to male substitutions in the above.)

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