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I want to work from home; having the freedom to commute ten feet, work in my pjs and be my own boss appeals to me the most. Now that I’m out of work, it seems like the perfect time to set up shop with this goal in mind. Given the nature of what I do, […]

We all know how powerful music is. Music can force us to experience all levels of emotion, from the lowest sadness to the high of happiness, and everything in between. It can break the walls of silence between people, make us remember a single moment in our lives, or feel something yet to be realized. […]

The past year has been a whirlwind of joy and disappointments. From dealing with long-standing health issues, to working through passing health scares; dealing with major life changes and realizing it was time to make even more; I’ve been on a journey to, from and back round again, on an emotional ride like no other. […]