Gypsy Girl Returns!


The past year has been a whirlwind of joy and disappointments. From dealing with long-standing health issues, to working through passing health scares; dealing with major life changes and realizing it was time to make even more; I’ve been on a journey to, from and back round again, on an emotional ride like no other.

This entry is long. You’ve been warned. I have a year’s worth of things to get caught up on and so many announcements to make.

Get comfy and read on.

The Back Story

After having a great start to 2011, the year ended by kicking me in the ass. Up until that point The Naughty Gypsy was facing its best year to date; exposure, sales, attendance to events, etc. All of it was up and growing. It was the snow ball just released from the top of the hill. It gained momentum every day; each day bringing new possibilities, excitement and experiences. I was over the moon.

Sadly, it didn’t last.

Through a series of uncontrollable events, life changed. I know life has a way of doing that to us; I didn’t know it could be so loud and forceful when it had something to say.

In the fall I was so physically and emotionally unwell I was barely making it to work. By the end of the day – more often than not, even at the start – I had no energy for anything, least of all my main passion, The Naughty Gypsy. I had to cut down the work I did with The Naughty Gypsy; barely taking on orders; using previously made items for shows; and not doing any blog/website updates or appearances at shows and events.

I was disappointed beyond comprehension.

Spiraling Down

Further heartbreak hit in March when my physical and mental state hit an all time low. The spiral into depression was serious and fast. I have a long history of dealing with this devastating illness. Yet to this day, it’s harder every time it hits.

The depression that made its home within me took away all hope, all optimism, all positivity. I was a shell of myself. I barely left the apartment. I didn’t cook, eat, sew, shower, or laugh. I stayed in bed for days without changing or showering. Even crying was too much effort. I was numb.

At that point I made the difficult decision to stop NG work altogether. Soon after, I went on sick leave from my day job. Mix that in with one defunct thyroid and a side of cancer scare, and you have a recipe for utter despair.

My world was in pieces.

Clawing My Way Up

I rode the spiral a long way down. When I stopped and looked up I knew it was time for the real work; the hard work; the long climb up.

In the midst of everything I was seeing four different teams of medical professionals. Each team conducting their own tests and prescribing different medications. Each medication taking its time to get into – or out of – my system. Each having its own side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

Sometimes the treatment was worse than the main problem.

After nearly six months the worst of it was over. The cancer tests came back clear. Everything else is treatable and is being treated. Almost all of it is under control.

Moving On

I’ve got my life back. I’m back to being myself. I feel, think and look like ME again. And it’s such a relief.

I’ve learned so many things from this journey, and continue to learn even more. The thing that’s most clear is that it’s time for me to do what I love. Stop talking about it. Stop thinking of how great it will be. It is great. Do it.

I’ve made a number of changes in my life to support me on this new journey. The most notable is that I left my job. While I loved what I did and so many of the people I worked for, and with, it no longer is the right place for me to be. I had to say good-bye. I had to let go.

So now I’m physically and emotionally healthy, but jobless!

Funny thing is, I’m okay with that. I know in my heart I will find something else. Something more inline with my talents, skills and knowledge. And while I look and work, I will continue on my journey with The Naughty Gypsy, hopefully one day turning it into my career.

What to Expect

I have so many exciting ideas, plans and projects in the works I don’t know where to start! I guess that’s what happens when you find your footing.

Here’s a rundown of some exciting upcoming projects:

New Products and Services

To date, I’ve mostly done made-to-order custom items. That’s not going to change. The thing I love most about this business is making those one on one connections, to help clients get just what they’re looking for.

But people have told me they want more. So, in addition to custom sewing, new products and ready made items will be available to purchase.

  • The NG line of bondage gear will be revamped and relaunched.
  • Ready made corsets, hats, bags, etc. will be available to purchase.
  • Embroidery services are being added.
  • Group sewing lessons and tutorials will start.

As well, keeping with my love of the environment, and our need to be environmentally responsible, a new line of products that use the by-products from sewing will be launched. No scrap of fabric or piece of thread will go into the garbage if it can be used for something else. Details to follow!

New blog posts every Thursday

That’s right. I’m finally getting on a regular schedule with this! Starting today. I need to get back to my writing roots and this is where it’s going to happen. I’ll be tackling various topics that fall under The Naughty Gypsy mandate, as well as, topics that are close to my heart, that I think others will find interesting & helpful; such as:

  • Sewing/DIY tutorials & lessons;
  • Starting/running a small business & being a woman in business and how these topics relate to my journey with the NG, as it happens;
  • The NG Women’s Group discussions topics;
  • Depression & Anxiety: living with it, where to get help, resources, etc.;
  • Snippets from fiction pieces I’m working on (I’ve been challenged by friends & family to write a good erotica book. I loath giving that series any further publicity so I won’t say the name. I’m sure you all know what books I’m talking about);
  • Posts from guest writers; and
  • many more topics!

A Dynamic Website

I have a blog, discussion groups, mailing list, on-line storefront and website… all in separate places. It’s not convenient for you, or for me! The goal is to combine everything into one versatile, user friendly-dynamic website.

New features will be added too! Like a user subscription side for special edition content; upcoming promotional products, sales and contests; and discussion forums for the NG Women’s Group and future NG Men’s Group.

Conventions, Trade-Shows and Fairs

The NG has been out of the trade-show and convention scene for too long. No more. I’m looking at participating in some great shows next year, such as FanExpo, The Everything To Do With Sex Show and The Womens Lifestyle Show just to name a few.

The NG will continue to support local charities like, ProjectBE, its affiliates and other organizations, by doing charity fashion shows, fund-raising events and donating prizes/giveaways.

And all the rest…

Discussions are happening around a future NG sewing book, an NG themed comic that will make regular appearances on the blog, NG collectable dolls, and a yearly NG charity event around my favourite holiday… Halloween!

There’s so much to look forward to.

Because of You

Although it was a rough 2011/2012 I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. I know the Universe gave me a wake-up call – or a kick in the head – to get me on track. I fell hard. No doubt. It’s true some things were out of my control but those that were in my control got their butt kicked right back! And I couldn’t have done it without all the patience, support, and love from each of you.

The Naughty Gypsy isn’t just a seamstress making some clothes. It’s about a business whose mandate is to help others feel comfortable in their own skin. Yes, a large part of that is done through making clothing and accessories that fit you perfectly, in your size, your style and your kink! But part of that is through the connections we make with each other, to help each other, on our life’s journey.

I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful people around me, and I thank-you all for your support, through the bad times, and now through the good.

Peace, Love and Naughtiness,

Laura Lee Hubbard, The Naughty Gypsy


3 Responses to “Gypsy Girl Returns!”

  1. 1 David Flack

    i have and still do suffer depression Laura, so i know where you are coming from.i am glad you have got your life together and you truly are a lovely, awesome lady. you have my support and love certainly. you take care and have a good weekend. i shall look for your weekly posts 🙂 xx

    • Thank-you David for your kind words of support! I really appreciate them. While I’m sad to hear you live with the same illness, I’m glad to hear I’m not alone. Mental illnesses still have a stigma associated with them but I believe that by sticking together and openly talking about them we can change that! So stick with me baby! LOL I’ll be writing about my experiences more and it’ll be great to know people who are in the same boat are reading it, and hopefully getting the discussion going. 🙂

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