The Power Song: Music That Sustains Us


We all know how powerful music is. Music can force us to experience all levels of emotion, from the lowest sadness to the high of happiness, and everything in between. It can break the walls of silence between people, make us remember a single moment in our lives, or feel something yet to be realized. There are millions of songs out there and yet any one song can have a profound effect on our emotions. And from all the songs that move us, there are those few that are elevated to an even higher status: the Power Song.

I’m sure you know what a Power Song is. We all have them. They are songs that speak to us on a visceral level. They move us. They motivate, encourage and inspire us. They help us get through our weakest times and rejoice with us in our greatest ones. We listen to them repeatedly to get the high they offer. They help us face our fears and grief, while providing strength and inspiration. It would be hard to live without them.

I love singing, so the lyrics of a song are what affects me the most. It could have a lovely melody and rhythm but if the words don’t have meaning to me, or if I don’t agree with what they say, the song is ruined for me. But when I find a song that speaks to me, it changes my world. Songs like that make me smile inside out. They are my Power Songs. My Power Songs get me singing as loud as I can, while I dance around the apartment. If I’m driving I do the same (minus the dancing!). If I’m on a long road trip I often arrive with lifted spirits and a hoarse voice!

I know and love so many songs yet few are elevated to this level. Right now there are two songs that stand above all others. They are Defying Gravity from the Wicked Soundtrack and Make Your Own Music by the Mamas and the Papas. Two very different sounds, styles and genres; both with a similar message.

You can check out the lyrics and music for each song at the following links:
Defying Gravity from the Wicked Soundtrack: Lyrics Music
Make Your Own Music by the Mamas and the Papas: Lyrics Music

These two speak to me because their message of self-determination is a topic close to my heart. Anyone who knows me, or who reads my writing, knows how much importance I put on following your own path in life. I’m often the one who dances to a different drummer. I know who I want to be and what I want to do with my life and I try to pursue that. Especially now as I write a new verse in my life, these songs remind me how hard the journey can be, but ultimately how worthwhile it is.

No matter how I’m feeling they make me feel better. If I’m sad they make me smile. If I’m happy they make me happier. It’s such a simple concept, yet the effect is profound. Songs like these get me moving again. They motivate me and give me hope. I can’t think of a better form of medicine.

What’s your favourite Power Song(s)? Why does it speak to you?


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