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As a start-up in a creative industry I use many different types of software on a day-to-day basis. Everything from email management software right up to accounting and book-keeping software. Anyone who’s ever purchased software knows how expensive it can be; not only with the initial cost, but also when updating software to newer versions. […]

I know what you’re thinking. It’s not Thursday! Why is there a new post up???? It’s okay, I’ve thought long and hard about this (it was a real head scratcher) and decided to throw in a bonus post this week! Actually it’s really because there’s a great event this week and I wanted to give […]

This past weekend I held my very first Naughty Gypsy portfolio photo shoot! Some of the outfits are 10-15 years old and have never been photographed! Clearly this was long overdue. I had help from my wonderful friends and family: a group of amazing people who support and encourage me in all of my goals. […]

I’m going to veer off into a personal rant this week. I know everyone loves a good rant and I’ve been pretty good at keeping my soap box tucked away. Well this week I’ve just got to talk about something that really irks me. First a bit of background… I’m a girl gamer, a young […]

The past month has seen The Naughty Gypsy empire change and grow. A big part of that change has been due to the implementation of multiple social media profiles and/or the renewed upkeep of old ones. Social media has many benefits, not just for the individual looking for some fun social contact, but for business […]