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This week’s post is a little more functional than usual. There are some events coming up that I’d like to announce and this is the best place to do so! (Okay, really they’re shameless self promotions as I’m involved in and/or sponsoring these events. But hey, it’s my blog so I guess it’s okay to […]

I often chuckle over little idiosyncrasies that are related to being a sewer or crafter. I jot these tidbits down in the hopes of doing something with them, someday. Well someday is today. Here’s my first attempt at a poster. It’s all about being a sewer. I hope you like it! PS: If the poster […]

I’m a little late getting this week’s post pulled together and posted. On the one hand it’s been a rough week. On the other, I had an incredible experience with generosity and gratitude. More on that in a minute. First the rough part… Apparently I need new glasses. That may not seem like a big […]

I can’t avoid it anymore. I said I would start doing tutorials so I have to start doing tutorials. Don’t get me wrong, I want to. I’m just a little nervous. I’ve never done one before! Over the years I’ve trained and taught many people on a variety of topics. But I’ve never done a […]

It’s Hallowe’en evening and it’s very quiet. I don’t have any kids to take trick or treating and since I live in an apartment building no trick or treaters come a-calling. That’s okay. I’m enjoying the quiet. Especially when it comes at the end of a busy month. October is my busiest month. Between filling […]