Technical Difficulties


I love technology, I even admit that I’m a wee bit of a computer geek, so you can imagine my woe when my computer up and dies on me!

To  be fair, I knew it was going to happen. I’d already planned and ordered the components for my new build but I had hoped the old one would last until the new one was here and ready. Alas Murphy strikes again!

I’m still waiting for a few pieces to come in, so I’ll be taking a minor hiatus from the blog for the next couple of weeks, until the parts come in, and it gets built and setup. My phone may be smart, but it’s not fun typing long posts on, or trying to edit photos. :/

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. No matter what you celebrate I hope it’s safe and joyous. Bright blessings!

And here’s a rather fitting funny for the road:

COMIC I Tore my pants mom download a patch

Comic from


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