Love Yourself Like You Love Others


It’s my pleasure to welcome Michelle Gram as a guest writer for The Naughty Gypsy Women’s Group! About once a month Michelle will be posting a new topic on the NGWG’s Facebook page and I’ll be adding it here on the blog so everyone can share the love. Although I’ve just recently met Michelle I can tell that she is a fabulously strong woman and I can’t wait to hear her thoughts, ideas and opinions! Welcome aboard Michelle. ❤ And without any further delay, here’s Michelle’s first post:

Love yourself like you love others. This is what I ask of you today and all days.

Womyn tend to be very nurturing. Many of us want to make others feel warm, welcome, safe and supported. Which is wonderful! It is nice to extend a little TLC to our fellow humyns.

When it comes down to it though our energy bank can run dry. Whether caring for an aging parent, juggling children and career, or helping a friend in crisis if you are making more withdrawals from your energy bank than deposits you will get in BIG DEBT; emotionally, physically, spiritually. You might get physically sick, lose patience or even lose yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that we ladies love to love and we get it back but I am asking you to love you too.

So I suggest we carve out a ‘party for one’ datenight. Run a bubble bath, take the camera out to capture some beauty, pick up that paintbrush; whatever helps you recharge and do it just for you.

It can feel strange at first to do something just for yourself but part of loving yourself is taking care of yourself.

Go ahead, indulge a little. Turn off the outside world and just BE the amazing you you always are. No strings attached.

I myself am about to make a tea!

Viva la vulva and other affirmations,


Mission Statement
The Naughty Gypsy Women’s Group is a group of women of all ages & backgrounds who are dedicated to the support and encouragement of women by women. By coming together through regular meetings we create a safe & encouraging place for women to discuss their life’s path.  We help each other – and ourselves – realize our inherent value as women while promoting self esteem & self worth, in order to build the confidence to find & follow our path in life.
* The Naughty Gypsy Women’s Group is available in real time and online formats. If you live in the London, Ontario, Canada area and are interested in joining  please contact me to discuss. For those outside of London, the online group is available through Facebook here .


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