Operation Shuffle: Upcylcing Old Furniture


Organizing a sewing room, or any craft room for that matter, is tough. With crafting comes many bits and pieces. We crafters and sewers have more little tidbits, fabric stashes, etc., than anyone else! Getting – and keeping – it organized is a constant battle.

Let’s start with storage for all those bit and pieces.

I recently inherited a used CD bookshelf. I don’t own a lot of CDs so when I first saw this shelving unit I thought, “I don’t need it. Let’s donate it.” It was my boyfriend J who thought it might be useful to organize craft and sewing supplies in my studio.

I admit I was more than a little sceptical. With such short, narrow shelves I couldn’t picture the end result, but with a little planning I ended up with a storage cabinet that holds an enormous amount of items while not taking up too much space.

Let’s take a look at the before:


Just a regular CD storage unit. As I mentioned the shelves are narrow so I’m limited to what I can use them for. Or so I thought until I hit my local dollar store. I found a number of basket and jars that fit nicely on the shelves, which could then be covered and used to store the many little items and supplies that need storing.

Here’s what I came up with. Not very pretty but full of storage goodness! Visual appeal can be added.



For the baskets, I removed the handles, painted the inside either black or purple, and covered the outside with black/white wall paper before putting the handles back in place. I left the glass jars as they were. (The only trouble I had was removing the stickers from the lids. I tried every tip and trick I found on the interwebs with no luck! If anyone has any suggestions please pass them my way.)

I’m quite pleased with the final result and I can’t believe how much stuff this little unit holds! It really is a power house storage unit and I would recommend any crafter short on space to consider a project like this. I’ve used this unit to separate and store elastic, binding, grommets, beads, buttons, belting, jewelry making supplies, bondage hardware, and a hundred other items.

CD Bookshelf AFTER

Every jar and every basket is organized. Below is my jar of grommets. Just think of all the corsets I can make with those beauties. (Especially now that I know I have them!)

CD Bookshelf jar contents

Below beads are organized in the basket. Now I can see what I have at a glance.

CD Bookshelf Basket Contents

The top of the CD shelf is another prime storage area. Here I recycled cat food cans using the same wall paper used to cover the baskets. Now all of my markers, paint brushes, glue sticks, pencils etc. are stored neatly. When I’m working on a project I just grab the can I need!

CD Bookshelf shelf above

Next time on Operation Shuffle I’ll share what I did with my sewing desk. Stay tuned!

Peace, love and naughtiness!


7 Responses to “Operation Shuffle: Upcylcing Old Furniture”

  1. 1 suth2

    Try orange oil or eucalyptus oil for removing sticky labels.

  2. Tea tree oil may work to remove the sticky labels. I love the revamp of the cd unit….just gorgeous.

  3. 5 nat

    great job! it looks great!

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