I’m Still Here!


I can’t believe it’s been a few months since I last posted! I’m actually pretty ashamed of that. It seems I get on a good role and then it all falls apart. There’s always a good reason, but it doesn’t make me feel any better about it.

So where the heck have I been?

The past few months I’ve been diligently working through a small biz program here in London. It’s been a lot of work but worth every minute. That’s where I’ve been and that’s where I will be for awhile yet.

It, more than anything else, has been helping me get things on track so that I can launch The Naughty Gypsy as my full time business! I’ve been participating in workshops that teach me all sorts of wonderfully useful things, like how to provide better customer service, etc; I’ve written my biz plan, a huge undertaking that I’m excited to finally have done; and now I’m getting ready to launch this baby!

I will be posting details about the launch soon (once I get it all figured out!).

In the meantime stay safe and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Peace, love and naughtiness,

Laura Lee





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