Welcome to my blog!

This little site is dedicated to my little corner of the world in London, Ontario Canada. Like most blogs, it’s all about me and My Humble Opinion. I hope you enjoy what I’ve written and will stop by for a chat from time to time.

What is The Naughty Gypsy?

Let’s face it, we all have multiple sides of ourselves that make up our unique personality. We have different tastes, preferences, morals and beliefs that make up who we are, which change and grow with us.

This site is dedicated to loving your entire self. To embracing each and every aspect of your being. It’s about having the personal freedom to be who you want – and choose – to be no matter what other people tell you. To be comfortable in your own skin.

So who am I and why do I care about this stuff? I am a fabric artist with over 15 years experience sewing. I got my start at a very early age when my mother taught me how to stitch. Since then I’ve struggled with being a Big Beautiful Woman in a society that caters to the wafer thin body image. Frustrated with never finding stylish clothes, costumes, etc. that fit, I decided to put my sewing skills to good use. As a result, I started doing custom sewing for anyone that didn’t fit the mould society created.

The naughty side of me noticed a need for custom adult play items, including non-leather bondage gear, role playing costumes and period clothing, as well as, funky stylish clothing that fits all body types. The gypsy side of me needed a forum to speak about current social issues, share my love for the environment, and express my spirituality & creativity. Not to mention sharing all the creative how-to knowledge I’ve gained over the years.

So the birth of The Naughty Gypsy began. It is the melding of all sides of my personality.

The Naughty Gypsy website began as a way to embrace all sides of myself. In turn I have the pleasure of creating unique items for my clients, which in turn helps them become more comfortable in their own skin. I’m hoping this blog will follow the same path.

 I hope this will inspire you to embrace all sides of yourself, no matter what messages you may be receiving from other sources.

Thanks for stopping by!


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