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Because it’s time for a bonus post! Woo hoo! Okay it may not be as exciting as you think. Your level of excitement will all depend on whether or not you like surveys. I’m really hoping you like them. As you may know I do custom sewing for a growing clientele. My specialty is custom […]

Last fall I had the pleasure of hosting my very first Naughty Gypsy photo shoot. From the bottom of my trunks and drawers came costumes I’d created over the years. It was a fabulous day (albeit cold) to get together with friends and family for the shoot. You can read about the shoot and check […]

Organizing a sewing room, or any craft room for that matter, is tough. With crafting comes many bits and pieces. We crafters and sewers have more little tidbits, fabric stashes, etc., than anyone else! Getting – and keeping – it organized is a constant battle. Let’s start with storage for all those bit and pieces. […]

Quite a while ago I was having lunch at a favourite spot when the waitress saw me working on some design drawings. I’d eaten at this place many times while working downtown so I was familiar with this individual and we had become friendly.  We got to talking about my business and she became interested […]

I’m FINALLY back! I was away a lot longer than anticipated as my new computer build didn’t go as smoothly as I imagined. In fact, it’s still not 100% but it is usable and that’s all I care about right now! Even though I haven’t been online, I’ve been busy with the continuation of Project […]

I love technology, I even admit that I’m a wee bit of a computer geek, so you can imagine my woe when my computer up and dies on me! To  be fair, I knew it was going to happen. I’d already planned and ordered the components for my new build but I had hoped the […]

This week’s post is a little more functional than usual. There are some events coming up that I’d like to announce and this is the best place to do so! (Okay, really they’re shameless self promotions as I’m involved in and/or sponsoring these events. But hey, it’s my blog so I guess it’s okay to […]