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This week Operation Shuffle continues with a look at my new-old sewing desk. If you’re not familiar with Operation Shuffle you can check out the first two posts here (part one) and here (part two). Now onto today’s scheduled program… I’ve very lucky to have a dad who can make wooden furniture. When I was […]

Last fall I had the pleasure of hosting my very first Naughty Gypsy photo shoot. From the bottom of my trunks and drawers came costumes I’d created over the years. It was a fabulous day (albeit cold) to get together with friends and family for the shoot. You can read about the shoot and check […]

Organizing a sewing room, or any craft room for that matter, is tough. With crafting comes many bits and pieces. We crafters and sewers have more little tidbits, fabric stashes, etc., than anyone else! Getting – and keeping – it organized is a constant battle. Let’s start with storage for all those bit and pieces. […]

I’m FINALLY back! I was away a lot longer than anticipated as my new computer build didn’t go as smoothly as I imagined. In fact, it’s still not 100% but it is usable and that’s all I care about right now! Even though I haven’t been online, I’ve been busy with the continuation of Project […]

I often chuckle over little idiosyncrasies that are related to being a sewer or crafter. I jot these tidbits down in the hopes of doing something with them, someday. Well someday is today. Here’s my first attempt at a poster. It’s all about being a sewer. I hope you like it! PS: If the poster […]

I can’t avoid it anymore. I said I would start doing tutorials so I have to start doing tutorials. Don’t get me wrong, I want to. I’m just a little nervous. I’ve never done one before! Over the years I’ve trained and taught many people on a variety of topics. But I’ve never done a […]

It’s Hallowe’en evening and it’s very quiet. I don’t have any kids to take trick or treating and since I live in an apartment building no trick or treaters come a-calling. That’s okay. I’m enjoying the quiet. Especially when it comes at the end of a busy month. October is my busiest month. Between filling […]